When quality is important

“The Customer needs to return, not the product”.

Sounds so simple and everyone will agree. You pay for quality and you expect quality, but in reality it is not a given. Many things can go wrong in your processes or your suppliers processes.  My name is Rogier Grünewald, founder of Q-Advice and I can advise you how to (re)gain control of your Quality. We have 15 years of experience in Automotive I am sure we can support your Company to achieve your targets.



As former Quality Director Europe for the largest Chinese producer of Batteries for Electrical Vehicles in the World, I was responsible for all Strategic Planning linked to Supplier Quality, Customer Quality, Process Quality, Project Quality and Failure Analysis. In 2020 I founded Q-Advice with the aim to support Organizations to improve their Quality, regardless of the type of process. 
Our range of activities varies from top level Strategic Planning via Auditing and reviews down to Quality control processes,

Personally, I would like to use my strong Communication Skills, Analytical Skills, Cultural Skills and Technical background to help Organizations improve their own Quality or their Supply Chain Quality in the broadest sense of the word.

What can Q-Advice do for you

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Strategic Quality

Strategic Quality Planning. ISO Certification, IATF 16949 support. (Re)define quality plans, improve from the ground up.

Continual Improvement

Risk analysis, Failure analysis, process optimization. Plan, Do, Check, Act.

Audits & Immediate support

Fix it now! Intervene and regain control. Get Quality and Quantity back in order.