Audits & Immediate support

Audits & Immediate Support

Quality is designed behind a desk, but realized on the shop floor. It is vital to understand why processes are running correctly or why they are unstable.

The options

Fix it NOW

Do you have an emergency? Is your supplier not delivering as promised? Do you need a third party opinion? Q-Advice is ready to support! We have been to many different types of suppliers to either analyze, support or even take over Management for a certain amount of time until Quality and Quantity was stabilized. We have extensive experience with many Cultures, especially Asian Cultures.

Let us advise you how to regain control over your Quality, wherever the location


As certified VDA 6.3 Auditor and former IATF 16949 auditor, we help to review new or existing Suppliers. Of course we can do an internal review at your Company as well.

Let us advise you by auditing possible acquisitions that your Organization might plan or let us audit your Supply Chain.


Your products are only as good as the people that produce them. Make sure your personnel knows what to do. Transferring knowledge is a basic requirement of ISO 9001. We have given numerous presentations on Quality and supported high potentials to get ready for that leading position they are aiming at. Due to the fact that we speak 3 languages fluently and have strong communication skills, we will make sure your message is transferred clearly.

Let us advise you how to make sure your personnel has the knowledge and skills to perform their Quality tasks.

Review and report

The only data you can really trust is the data you collect yourself. We spent days at assembly lines in China and all over Europe trying to find the root cause for certain Quality issues. You will be amazed what a night shift does differently, what happens if maintenance is forgotten or if a tool runs warm over time. Or hire us to review possible business acquisitions you are planning.

Let us advise you on how to collect the reliable data you need to be able to make the right decision at the right time.