Strategic Quality Planning

Implementing Quality is not easy. It touches all departments of a Company. Designing Quality into the Core Processes is a Team effort, it takes dedication and perseverance. In return it will provide the Company with stability, confidence and interest from possible new Customers.

The Options

Strategic Quality planning

Defining long-term business goals based in the Vision and Mission and how to achieve them. Where does the Organization see itself in 3, 5 or 10 years? What are the major change initiatives and how can these be integrated in the strategic plans? What are the Customer requirements and what is needed to deliver these requirements? Once the Strategic direction is chosen it is vital that upper Management supports the plans as similar councils are needed at subordinate levels of the Organization. Once setup, progress needs to be measured. It indicates the degree of accomplishment, to monitor and to frequently review progress.

We have many years of experience in this field and can advise you how to successfully introduce the required quality level.

Quality Performance planning

Once the Strategic Plan is set up, it is time to define how to measure and monitor the progress. Defining the right Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is not easy, but once setup correctly can provide the Organization with vital input needed to set the direction for the near and far future. The better you control your process throughout your Organization, the easier it is to control the Quality of your products.

Let us advise you how to meet the Quality targets now and in the future.


Customers expect quality, certifications can provide your Customers with the confidence to do business with you. Are you a Company that needs it "for the paper" or are you ready to live by the Rules of Certificates? We have guided Organizations the past to achieve the Certifications it needed. Acting as a liaison between upper Management and the Certification body was beneficial for both parties as it reduced work load for Management and sped up the Certification process.

Let us advise and guide you on how to reach the Certificates you are looking for.

Quality from the ground up

So you want to start from scratch? Good idea! Sometimes it is good to start fresh. Quality needs to be coherent. Due to growth, Strategic changes and different priorities the quality plans might need a renew or large maintenance. Is your Organization growing quickly? Or was there a merger causing big misalignments? This is the right moment to review the Quality Management System and to prepare for the future.

Let us advise you how to go through this process.